CCTV System Installation Cost 2024 (Independently Verified)

Prices start at about £500 for a budget quality, 2-camera system and £1000 for a standard quality, 4-camera system. However, quotes can be far higher depending on the quality of the CCTV system, the number of cameras, system accessories and more. 

Average Installation Prices

We received quotes from 37 different suppliers for quotes on the supply and installation of a CCTV system. Prices exclude VAT.

CCTV Supply & FitAverageTypical Range
2 Camera System – Budget Quality£550£400 – £700
2 Camera System – Average Quality£605£450 – £750
2 Camera System – High Quality£660£500 – £850
4 Camera System – Budget Quality£810£650 – £1000
4 Camera System – Average Quality£920£750 – £1100
4 Camera System – High Quality£1040£850 – £1200
8 Camera System – Budget Quality£1350£1200 – £1550
8 Camera System – Average Quality£1600£1400 – £1800
8 Camera System – High Quality£1800£1600 – £2000

It’s important to note that the figures quoted can far exceed the typical range. For example, we received quotes of up to £1500 for a 2-camera system installation.

A good rule of thumb is to use a baseline of £500 for a budget, two-camera system and add £100 – £125 for each camera installed.

In terms of what consists of a budget, average and high-quality system, here are the specifications below. We will cover what each constitutes in more detail within the factors section if you’re not as tech-savvy.

  • Budget Quality: 2MP (megapixel) / 1080p resolution / 4 channel DVR with 1 TB hard drive
  • Average Quality:  5MP (megapixel) / 2K resolution / 4 channel DVR with 2 TB hard drive
  • High Quality: 8MP (megapixel) / 4K resolution / 4 channel DVR with 2 TB hard drive

Factors That Affect the Cost

Quality of System

There are a number of different specifications to be aware of for both the CCTV cameras themselves, DVR (digital video recording) and any accessories. The higher the specs, the higher the cost. The main ones to note are:

  • Image Quality in Megapixels (MP): this determines the quality of the image. 2MP is the fairly standard nowadays. 5MP is at the upper end. It’s best not to get anything less than 1080p such as 720p as the image quality won’t be sharp enough to see important features like faces.
  • Hard Drive Size in Terabytes (TB): the hard drive size is measured in TB (terabytes) and determines how long you can record for. The number of cameras and the quality of the cameras determine how much storage you need. For example, 5MP cameras use more disk space than 2MP cameras. 1TB of hard drive space is usually enough for the basic 2-camera system.
  • DVR (Digital Video Recorder): the standard set up is a 4-channel recording box. There are various brands available and different contractors prefer different brands, which affects their cost.

CCTV System Accessories

There are also several additional features you can include within your system that will add cost. The most popular ones include:

  • Built-in audio
  • Online storage
  • Night vision
  • Monitor (+ £125)

Remote viewing (via a mobile app or just a desktop) tends to be standard with most installations. However, there may be options to view via the cloud or directly. If you want to view directly, this is more private but is more complicated to set up.

Indoor or Outdoor Cameras

If CCTV cameras are placed outside, then they will need to use a weatherproof material and hence, cost more.

Weather resistance is measured via an IP rating, which measures how effective the material is at stopping foreign bodies like dirt and moisture from entering.

Length of Cable Runs

Cable runs are required to connect up the system. If cameras are placed far apart from each other, more cabling is required and this will increase the cost. If there are any access issues within the property or site this can also add to the costs of cable runs.

Sorting out the cabling is usually the most time-consuming activity and will contribute most to the labour costs. Therefore, a CCTV installation company will most likely need to send an engineer to your property to assess the cable runs and probable time to complete the install.


Labour costs in London and the south of England are generally more expensive than elsewhere.

If the contractor needs to travel beyond a certain radius, then they may add an extra fee on top. Although there are plenty of companies that set up CCTV alarms across the UK, you may need to look further afield if you live in more rural areas.

Why You Can Trust This Data

We contacted 37 different companies for quotes specifically for 2 camera systems as well as general quotes for different types of systems (4 camera etc).

Most contractors were able to give basic quotes and some were able to give additional information depending on the quality of the system we wanted. We were then able to average out the quotes received and give ranges from the cost data.

We would like to thank the following companies for their help:

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