Drain Relining Cost & Prices 2024

The average cost of drain relining is between £80 and £120 per metre depending on the size the pipe diameter. This can range from as low as £50 per metre to as high as £150 per metre.

Drain Relining Cost Per m²

The prices below are for a straight run (no cuts) drain relining. Prices exclude VAT.

Pipe Diameter100mm150mm
National Average£80 / m£120 / m
Typical Range£65 – £110 / m£100 – £130 / m
Low End – High End£50 – £125 / m£90 – £150 / m

Factors Affecting Cost

Has a CCTV Survey Been Conducted?

A CCTV survey identifies the exact issue with the piping and its precise location. Only then can a contractor have a better understanding of more specific price calculations.

The costs for the pre-inspection CCTV survey, when we conducted this research, averaged around £88 extra. However, different types of CCTV have slightly different prices, as seen below.

Type of CCTV Drain SurveyAverageTypical Range
Look & See Survey£75£60 – £140
Recorded Survey£100£65 – £150
Full Report & Recorded Survey£130£70 – £220

Site and Vehicle Access

The locations and number of access points or manholes the drains have and how many connections are within the drains.

Number of Lateral Cuts

Once the drain is relined, it usually blocks pipe intersections. Lateral cuts allow the water to flow through the intersection. More cuts increase the price.

Existing Pipe Condition

A contractor will ask the reason for the lining. In combination with the CCTV survey, this gives them a good understanding of the repairs needed.

High-pressure water jetting is then needed to break up debris or other substances are found within, around, or attached to the drain or pipe. This removes blockages and builds to help restore the optimum flow within the pipe.


Overheads and labour costs tend to be higher in the south of England, particularly in London.

If the contractor needs to travel beyond a certain radius, then they may add an extra fee on top. Unless you live in a very rural location or want to use a contractor that operates further afield, you shouldn’t need to pay extra.

What is Drain Relining?

Drain relining is the go-to method for repairing drains cost-effectively and conveniently.

If left in disrepair, the cracks and defects in drainage can start to cause problems. This can be anything from leaks and foul smells to more serious problems like structural damage and subsidence.

Drain relining works by adding a protective layer to the inside of the drain. This forms a coating to protect against cracks and other defects.

What to Look for When Hiring a Drain Relining Contractor

When looking for a contractor, ensure they meet the standards set by industry regulators. If the drain relining is installed to WIS (Water Industry Specification) standards, the liner life is 50 years.

Contractors should be able to offer lengthy guarantees and warranties of at least 5 years minimum. Keep in mind that most relining should be able to be completed within a day.

Some of the certifications to look out for when considering contractors for the job include:

  • NADC – National Association Drainage Contractors
  • WJA – Water Jetting Association
  • CHAS – Contractor Health and Safety Assessment Scheme
  • Achilles UVDB – Utility Vendor Database (UK)

Why You Can Trust This Cost Data

We received quotes anonymously from 36 contractors for 80m worth of drain relining, both 100mm and 150mm width. As the 80m was on the higher side that companies would undertake, the quotes we generally received were lower. However, most companies gave a cost per metre you could generally expect to pay. We then took all the figures and averaged them out, giving low and high ranges.

We would like to give particular thanks to the following companies for their insightful replies:

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