Extractor Fan Installation Cost & Prices 2024

The average cost of an extractor fan installation is £220, but this can vary between £140 to £305 depending on the type of fan and labour costs. Other factors can affect the cost as well. 

Average Installation Cost

We contacted 37 different electricians for quotes for a typical installation of an extractor fan. Prices below exclude VAT.

However, it can be difficult for an electrician to price a job and give a quote without seeing your property first and undertaking a survey. This is because there are several reasons why prices may change. These are listed below.

AverageTypical Range
Labour£155£85 - £220
Materials£65£55 - £85
Total Cost£220£140 - £305

Factors That Affect the Cost

Kitchen vs Bathroom Extractor Fan

There can be some difference in costs depending on where the extractor fan is located. Although kitchens are at some risk of damp issues due to moisture from cooking, bathrooms are typically more prone due to the condensation caused by showers and baths.

Good ventilation is needed for both rooms to prevent mould, but bathrooms normally need a more powerful fan. Therefore, you can expect to pay an extra £15 – £30 for a bathroom extractor fan compared to a kitchen extractor fan.

Type of Extractor Fan

The two most popular types of fans are wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted fans.

Wall-mounted fans are installed onto an external wall. They will require drilling and you will need to speak with an electrician will need to figure out whether ducting is required and where the power will be supplied from.

Ceiling fans are installed onto the ceiling. A fan in the ceiling involves ducting pipe to the eaves/venting out through a grille on the soffit. These aren’t usually

Typically wall fans have a less complicated setup and therefore, usually cost less.

Installing a New Fan vs Replacing an Existing One

If you are looking to replace an existing extractor fan, then the wiring, ducts and vents are already there, meaning the job can be done much more quickly.

Unless one of these parts needs replacing, the cost will be far less compared to a new extractor fan installation due to the extra fixtures that need to be installed from scratch.

Expect to pay £100-£150 extra if you’re installing a new extractor fan or you’re moving the extractor fan to a new location, where a new setup of electrics, ducts and vents will be required.

Size and Quality of Extractor Fan

The size of your room and the amount of ventilation already in place will determine the size of the extractor fan you require. Larger fans will be louder and more expensive.

Extractor fans aren’t built all the same. Ones with more power and a better quality build will cost more.


Labour costs in London and the south of England are generally more expensive than elsewhere.

If the contractor needs to travel beyond a certain radius, then they may add an extra fee on top. Unless you live in a very rural location or want to use an electrician further afield, you shouldn’t need to pay extra.

Other Technical Factors

There are certain things an electrician will need to check before undertaking work, which may alter the cost of a typical installation.

  1. Whether your consumer unit has the correct RCD protection. 
  2. How easy it is to get the duct out of an external wall.
  3. Whether there is a power somewhere near for the fan.
  4. What size/flow rate of fan do you need.
  5. Does the room have any windows and/or outside walls.

Any changes to circuits in bathrooms are notifiable to Building Control.

Why Do You Need an Extractor Fan?

Rooms with high humidity can be susceptible to damp problems if there is no good ventilation. Although bathrooms are the most at risk due to hot showers, other rooms like kitchens, utility rooms and WCs are also at risk.

Without good ventilation, the room does not dry sufficiently and thus, damp issues arise. This can range from minor problems such as mould to more worrisome problems such as rot to flooring and plaster.

An extractor fan can help prevent these problems by removing excess moisture in the air within the room.

Why You Can Trust This Data

We contacted 37 different electricians for quotes for a typical installation of an extractor fan. We averaged out the prices we were given and then gave ranges from the quotes sent. We would like to give special thanks to the following companies for their replies to our inquiries:

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