Flat Roof Cost & Prices 2024

Expect to pay on average between £140 – £190 per m² for a flat roof depending on the material. Felt roofs are cheapest at around £140 per m², whereas fibreglass is usually the highest at £188 per m².

Cost per m²

 To get the total flat roof cost, you’ll need to add the base cost (£99/m²) plus the type of finishing, which are given in the second table.

Base Costs

These are the costs minus the roof finishing layer.

ItemLabour Cost per m²Material Cost per m²Total Cost per m²
Ceiling Joists – 150mm x 75mm£19£31£50
Plywood – 18mm thick £14£16£30
Vapour Control Layer£1£2£3
Slab Insulation – 120mm thick Celotex£7£22£2

Total Costs Including Roof Finishing Layer

These include different types of finishing layers. The total cost is the base cost + the finishing material cost.

ItemCost per m²Total Cost (Base + Roof Finishing) / m²
Fibreglass / GRP£78£188
Bitumen £52£162
EPDM Rubber£65£175
Roofing Felt£30£140

Additional Items

These are additional items and may not be needed. Speak to your roofing contractor.

PVC Gutters£20 / m
Aluminium Gutters£36 / m
Flashings£39 / m
Aluminium Downpipes£46 / m
Flashings£22 – £38 / m

Factors That Affect Cost


Jobs can vary considerably. For example, there may be more additional items needed such as guttering and flashing. Other items that can vary the cost include multiple or complicated trims, ventilation and insulation.


Larger roofs will cost less per m² than smaller ones. Generally over a 100m² would see a 5% reduction in cost.


Costs increase the higher the flat roof is, which is dependant on the storey it’s at. Flat roofs on a 3 storey building will be higher than one a few feet high for example. This is because scaffolding may be necessary at larger heights as well as less accessibility.

Tradesman’s Markup

Every business has different overheads and expensive, and businesses will factor these into their price different. Skilled tradesmen are more likely to be busy and can charge higher prices.

Although prices above give a good indication of what to pay, it’s not a good idea to always go for the cheapest. Standards can drop considerably if you go for the cheapest price.


Areas in the south of England and London will be higher than in other parts of the country. The prices quoted in the table above apply for the South East or Outer London area. The adjustments below can be used to calculate costs in your area.

Region% Adjustment
South East (Southampton, Oxford, Kent, Outer London)0
Inner London+4%
South West (Bristol, Exeter)-4%
West Midlands (Birmingham)-10%
East Midlands (Northampton, Nottingham, Leicester)-10%
East Anglia (Cambridge, Norwich, Ipswich)-5%
North West (Liverpool, Manchester)-12%
Yorkshire and Humberside (Leeds, Sheffield)-11%
North East (Newcastle, Sunderland)-10%
Scotland (Edinburgh, Glasgow)-6%
Wales (Cardiff, Swansea)-9%
Northern Ireland (Belfast)-12%

What to Look for in a Flat Roofing Contractor

It can be tempting to go with the lowest quote you receive when looking into quotes for repairing or replacing your flat roof. However, it pays to do additional research before signing off on a contractor.

Take time to ask each contractor the following questions to assure yourself that you will receive quality workmanship.

  • How much experience do you have in replacing and repairing flat roofs?
  • What’s the average cost of a flat roof repair or replacement in your experience?
  • Will the old material be removed before the new layer?
  • Are there any potential costs not included in the quote?

There are further steps you can take to ensure the quality of your tradesman. Find out what qualifications and accreditations they hold and ask for proof.

Certifications to look out for include:

  •       CSCS
  •       Bauder
  •       Constructionline
  •       NFRC
  •       CITB
  •       City & Guilds
  •       SMAS Worksafe Contractor

Don’t be afraid to ask if they have customer testimonials that they can share and, if possible, contact previous customers to verify the reviews. Finally, ask for photos or videos of previous jobs they’ve undertaken.

Reputable contractors will be more than happy to share all of these details with you; they want to win your business. If a contractor fails to provide adequate reassurance on any of these points, we suggest you look elsewhere.

While this may result in increased costs in the short term, it will provide you with long-term peace of mind and assurance that you will receive excellent customer service and quality workmanship.

Why You Can Trust This Data

We worked directly with a Quantity Surveyor of 7+ years involved in £600M capital expenditure works for a large hotel chain to develop these costs back in 2020. If you see similar cost values and breakdowns on other websites, then you can probably assume they have taken them from this article and Quantity Surveyor.

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