Velux & Skylight Window Installation Cost & Prices 2024

Expect to pay roughly £875 for both the supply and installation for a small Velux window and £1485 for a large Velux window excluding VAT. Supply costs only start from £360 and fitting costs from £330 for a small window.

This can also increase depending on extras added like top hung windows, electric control or different glazing options, plus factors like whether scaffolding is needed.

Average Cost

We received quotes from 14 different contractors across the UK. Prices quoted exclude VAT.

Cost of Small Velux Window (470mm x 980mm)Cost of Large Velux Window (1340mm x 1600mm)
Average Supply Cost£360£700
Lowest – Highest Supply Cost£130 – £1000£260 – £2000
Fit Only Cost – Typical Range£330 – £1100£500 – £2000
Total Supply + Fit – Typical Range£650 – £1100£1320 – £1650

Additional Items

There are also several different features you can add to your standard Velux windows. These include:

Additional ItemCost
Top Hung+£158
Electric Control+£320
Solar Powered Control+£370
Extra Low Energy Glazing (U-value 1.0)+£180
Extra Noise Reduction Glazing (U-value 0.81)+£275
Standard Tile/Slate Flashing+£75
Blinds+£75 - £145

Factors That Affect the Cost

In addition to the optional additional items, there are on-site factors that can also affect the price.

  • Is scaffolding required? Normally Velux or skylight windows can be fitted entirely from the inside. This means there is no need to access the roof or hire scaffolding. However, scaffolding might be required if access is difficult. Expect to pay a few hundred pounds extra if needed.
  • Type of tiles and existing roof condition. Older roofs generally involve more work due to their condition.
  • Roof window already there? If a new hole needs to be cut for fitting a Velux window this will increase the costs.

Will I Need Planning Permission?

Planning permission isn’t needed as Velux windows fall under the Permitted Development directive.

However, they must meet the following criteria:

  • No roof alteration can project more than 150mm from the existing roof plane
  • No alteration can be undertaken higher than the tallest part of the roof
  • Side facing windows must be obscure-glazed, and any openings must be 1.7m above the floor.

Skylight windows will fit these criteria easily, so you shouldn’t have any trouble with the local planning authority.


What’s the Difference Between Velux and Skylight Windows?

Velux is a brand name known for making high-quality roof windows, while “skylight” is a general term for any window installed on a roof.

Velux windows come in different styles and sizes. All their glazing products are described as roof windows and fall under British Standards regulation.

Are Rooflights and Skylights the Same?

The terms ‘rooflights’ and ‘skylights’ are technically the same. They both describe a variety of windows that are installed on a roof.

What’s the Difference Between Roof Windows and Skylights?

Roof windows and skylights are different. Roof windows are installed ‘in plane’

The principal difference is that roof windows must be installed “in plane” with the surrounding roof. This means that it sits on the rest of the roof and doesn’t require any changes to the pitch of the roof.

Skylights can be installed out of plane, i.e not in line with the roof covering.

Why You Can Trust This Data

We received 17 quotes from providers for the base costs for the small and large window sizes provided and extras that could be included. We then checked this data against existing calculators for different types of windows. We could then find averages and typical ranges within the data. We were then able to find supply costs and calculate specific fitting costs based on the existing data we had. 

We initially carried out this cost data in 2020 and have checked and updated the costs to reflect rises in labour and material prices. 

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