Bed Bugs Treatment Cost & Prices 2024

A typical service involves 2 visits to treat a full house. Expect to pay roughly £400 for a 2 bedroom property up to about £600 for a 4 bedroom property.  

This can vary depending on the type of treatment (chemical vs heat treatment), the number of visits required and location. Prices generally start from £50 for a callout and inspection. 

Average Cost in the UK

Example prices are given for different house types below.

Bed Bug Treatment ExampleCost (1 Visit)Cost (2 Visits)
2 Bedroom House, Bedrooms Only£100£200
2 Bedroom House, Full House£200£400
3 Bedroom House, Bedrooms Only£150£295
3 Bedroom House, Full House£250£495
4 Bedroom House, Bedrooms Only£200£395
4 Bedroom House, Full House£300£595

Most companies will offer a callout free of charge. However, others may charge for a callout to cover themselves. Expect to pay roughly  £50-£60 including VAT if a company charges for a callout.

Below are the prices per room for spray treatments and include VAT.

Bed Bug TreatmentCost Per Room
UK Average£50
Typical Range£35 – £70

Factors That Affect the Cost

Type of Treatment Used

The two ways to treat bed bugs are fumigation and heat treatment.

Fumigation is used when immediate eradication of bed bugs is needed and involves chemical treatment. It is used to treat whole complexes at once.

Heat treatment does not require chemical usage and treats bed bugs by heating infected to temperatures high enough to kill every stage of a bed bug.

A pest control specialist will be able to advise which is more appropriate for your infestation. Expect to pay more for heat treatment than fumigation.

During our research, one contractor quoted for heat treatment:

  • £525 + VAT for 1 room
  • £750 + VAT for 2 rooms
  • £100 + VAT per additional room treated.

Level of Infestation

Bed bugs are amongst the worst pests to get rid of and very rarely you can get away with one visit. To fully eradicate bed bugs often requires two visits, but if you’re lucky, you may only need the one visit.


Labour costs in London and the south of England are generally more expensive than elsewhere.

If the contractor needs to travel beyond a certain radius that they serve, then they may charge an extra call out fee on top. Not all pest control companies offer to treat bed bugs, so this could be a possibility if you live in a rural area.

Heat Treatment vs Chemical Spray

Chemical Spray

The traditional spray method is usually the most cost-effective option, especially for low infestation levels. However, when the infestation is more severe, then heat treatment may be preferred.

The eggs can take up to a month to hatch, and the residuals have pretty much worn off within two weeks. This means that two visits about 2.5 weeks apart are generally recommended to give around 5 weeks of effective residual.

There are also a few things to remember when using the conventional spray method:

  • Chemical treatment usually requires more than one visit to completely eradicate bed bugs and cannot kill the eggs
  • Certain bed bug species have built up resistance to most insecticides on the market  
  • Certain materials cannot be treated with chemical 

Heat treatment is far more expensive than the conventional chemical spray, but may be necessary.

Heat Treatment

Heat treatment, or heat remediation, is a safe and effective method of treating bed bugs.

It is more expensive but can be more effective. It is particularly appropriate where infestation is well established and seems impossible to deal with using professional-strength insecticides.

If heat treatment is used, the facility can be inhabited immediately once the treatment has been completed. 

It is an effective treatment because:

  • It doesn’t rely on the bugs coming out over in the insecticide.
  • It kills all life stages, including the eggs (insecticide doesn’t kill the eggs)
  • It treats items we can’t treat with insecticide (e.g clothes, books)

However, because no chemicals are used, it can’t offer protection against future infestations.

What to Do Beforehand

To give the best chance of success, you should follow these procedures:

  • Room needs to be de-cluttered (in particular at ground level).
  • Any fabrics that have been in contact with the bed or around the bed should be hot-washed.
  • Drawers emptied as bedside furniture needs to be treated
  • Continue to sleep in the beds to draw the bugs over the residual, and no hoovering for two weeks.

Bed bugs are hard to kill with even the best insecticides. They are very hard to hit directly because they stay safe by hiding in places during the day where they cannot be found. Eggs are also found in such places.

So you are relying on the bugs coming out over the residual and the eggs hatching while it’s strong enough to kill them.

How to Choose a Contractor

Look out for the certifications below, which can act as a benchmark for quality within the pest control industry 

  • BPCA – British Pest Control Association. Ensures companies have at least £2 million Public and Products Liability insurance and have been audited to BS EN 16636 Standard for Pest Management
  • NPTA – National Pest Technicians Association
  • CHAS – Contractor Health and Safety Assessment Scheme
  • CEPA – Confederation of European Pest Management Associations
  • Think Wildlife – for responsible rodenticide use

No contractor can 100% guarantee the removal of bed bugs with insecticide. A contractor with good preparation, the right approach and insecticide, plus good post-treatment protocol on your end, and see where you are at after about five weeks.

Look out for contractors that will have guarantees that will come out if the infestation isn’t completely sorted. The longer the infestation has been there, the harder it will be to remove bed bugs with insecticide.

Why You Can Trust This Data

We contacted 27 companies across the UK for quotes on bed bugs for both a single room and multiple rooms. Most companies quoted depending on the number of rooms that need to be treated, although others had a set price. 

Once we collected enough cost data to accurately determine the cost, we then averaged the prices and took the lowest and highest ranges. All our prices are independent with no interference from other companies. 

We would like to thank the following companies for their insights:

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