Stud Wall Partition Cost & Prices 2024

Expect to pay around £75 per m² without external cladding for a stud wall partition. With cladding, this will be between £95 – £125 per m². This can vary depending on the design and structure. 

Cost per m²

Below is a breakdown of the costs that make up a timber wall stud partition.

ItemCost per m² LabourCost per m² MaterialsTotal Cost Per m²
Timber Studs – including vertical studs, head and sole plates£26£16£42
Timber Battens / Noggins (if required)£3£3£6
Rockwool Insulation – 50mm thick£2£4£6
Plasterboard to both sides; skimmed£14£5£19

You can then add on the external cladding to get a total cost per m².

ItemLabour Cost per m²Material Cost per m²Total Cost Per m²
Moisture Resistant / Soundbloc Plasterboard (in lieu of Plasterboard)£14£7£21
Slab Insulation (in lieu of rockwool)£2£12£14
Plywood to both sides£24£23£47

Factors Affecting the Cost

Size of Building

The greater the quantity of timber stud partitions required, the lower the cost per m².

Complexity of the Layout

Walls with a lot of corners or unusual shapes are more labor-intensive to build and may increase both material wastage and labour hours.

Specification of the System

Type of boarding selected, type of insulation selected etc, if plywood is required etc.

Thickness of the Structure

50mm thick studs are going to be cheaper than 100mm thick studs etc.

Centres at Which Studs Are Placed

If studs are placed at 400mm centres there is more cost than at 600mm centres as there is more timber used.


The prices quoted in the table above apply for the South East or Outer London area. The adjustments below can be used to calculate costs in your area.

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Do I Need Planning Permission to Put Up a Partition Wall?

No, A non-loadbearing partition wall doesn’t need planning permission as it is considered an internal alteration.

How Long Does It Take to Install a Stud Wall Partition?

Generally, simple partitions can be built in a day or two. More complex installations with integrated electricals, special finishes, or additional features might take several days.

Is It Easy to Remove a Stud Wall?

Since non-loadbearing walls act as little more than room dividers, they can be easily altered or even removed.

How Do Permanent Walls and Stud Wall Partition Costs Differ?

Stud wall partitions are typically less expensive than building a permanent, brick or block wall. They require fewer materials and less labour, and they are faster to construct.

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