What’s the Cost for a Nest Installation in 2024?

Expect to pay around £300 in total to supply and install a Nest thermostat. Labour costs start from £60 but can be as high as £220 in total. The nest itself typically costs between £150 – £200 online. 

Average Installation Cost

We received quotes from 23 different contractors across the UK. The following table is for both the supply and installation of the nest.

Nest Supply & InstallCost
Typical Range£280 - £350

We also received quotes for the installation only – see the table below. 

Nest Install OnlyCost
Typical Range£65 - £220

Most contractors will work at a minimum of £50 per hour including vat. Usually, the installation will take about an hour. Expect to pay an extra £150 – £200 if you buy the nest thermostat online.

Factors That Affect the Cost

Wiring Needed

It can cost a little more if new wiring is required.

This depends on whether you already have a wired thermostat or are happy to have your nest on a stand and plugged into a wall socket.

Existing Heating System

The installation can be less or more complicated based on the heating system already installed.

Old heating systems may have unlabelled and undocumented wiring which may be time-consuming for the installer.

Some places have the boiler in inaccessible areas where working could be tricky.

If you can tell your contractor the make or model or send photos, they can price a more accurate quote.


Prices in the south of the country are more expensive than in the north. In London and surrounding areas, expect to pay extra labour costs.

If the contractor needs to travel further than usual to reach your place, they may also charge extra.

Why You Can Trust This Data

We contacted various contractors that did Nest installations for approximate costs for the installation. We then collected all the prices given and were able to give averages and ranges based on this.

We would like to thank the following companies for their help and extra detail given:

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